Merging Food, Art & Therapy

As a cake artist myself, I’ve worked with a wide range of  ingredients. I integrated unconventional methods in the way I decorate cakes and found my voice through my creative works. During the process, I learned how the art of baking has helped me manage my own anxiety, be more mindful and self aware, and more importantly to individuate as an artist. As I sat through these 9 years, I saw the potential of melding my experience as a cake artist and art therapist to become one identity on its own where food can bring about beneficial therapeutic effects to the body. 


Merging Food, Art & Therapy


I then took the concept and introduce it into my clinical practice as well as workshops and discovered the fascinating results of how edible mediums can produce visceral effects and encourage engagement for individuals who are not able to express. The wonderment then led me to try out with neurotypical individuals to help me understand the idea of food play. Because food is so relatable to all of us, its familiarity and ability to engage all our seven sensory inputs prompts the whole body to react and express. 

Image by Julian Hochgesang

Finding safety in edible mediums helps us to develop our inner safety to express

The idea of food + therapy may sound novel, it is a concept well explored in some regions of the world. I began to question the “Why” and “How” in introducing food into the realm of mental wellness and how it is beneficial. 


As our body is aware of the association with food as a consumable material, it signals the brain as a “safe product” and lowers our inhibitions. When the body feels safe, we feel safe to speak or creatively express about the uncomfortable and unknown emotions, allowing the body to slowly make sense and find its own understanding. 

What the mind can’t make sense, the body can.

I believe therapy is not all about focusing on serious and daunting matters. There are other channels that are welcoming and safe to help us understand our internal and external worlds. 

I believe food + Art + therapy is starting to shine a light in the community as another effective intervention to manage mental wellness as a holistic self care regimen.

Image by tabitha turner