- Kenneth Siew

" During the 3 years of exploring and working on lapel pins, it always gets me excited to deliver the final creation to my clients. The joy I get from them when they open up the package and look at the lapel pins, the smile on their faces never fails to warm my heart. It gives me true contentment to be able to be apart of someone else's journey through the craft that I do."

art director of


- Marilyn Ho

"Art speaks without speaking, subjective and non judgemental. Art helped me and healed me, expressed my emotions when words couldn't." 

Calligrapher and Lettering Artist

- Brandan Ng

"The highest praise for a craft practitioner is when their work impacts  and evokes emotions in others. When constructing a floral arrangement, I hope my work can relay stories and emotions of the clients that I worked with."

event stylist of

fellow folks

-Byron Lim

" Coffee is like being in an Endless Summer market. There's always so many things to experience, so many great people to meet, so many stories to be told under the great dazzling sunshine of life."

coffee roaster of

quarter life coffee

- Nicole Kaili

“I remember being deeply touched by a photo of a groom tearing and that softens my perspective of love which gives me so much hope. It had really opened my heart to believe that there’s still love in this world. I hope I can do the same for the people that I have worked with and those who have seen the pictures that I've taken.”

photographer of


- Rachel Tan

“Being in a creative business isn’t always about thinking out of the box, sometimes it’s about knowing how to use the box to create with great passion and elevate to make a difference.”

creative lead of