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Samantha Quek

Samantha is the Co-Founder and Cake Artist at Cupplets, an artisanal cake bakery. She is also the Founding partner of Cupplets Creatives which provides artistic, creative and therapeutic services.


As an Art Therapist, she has a special interest in edible art therapy. She champions the use of food materials in art therapy and is passionate about the special needs community.

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Li June is a collaborating partner at Cupplets Creatives. She is an Art Therapist and Artist. She is passionate about bringing self discovery, awe and emotional healing through art making in the community.


Apart from running her own studio, she is an Art Therapist at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.



Through her 7 years of creative endeavour as a cake artist @cupplets, Samantha experimented with diverse  ingredients which enriched her artistic practice of cake painting and artisan decoration. Her use of edible ingredients was subsequently integrated into her art therapy approach including her postgraduate research. Edible medium became  art material for her and her clients. She introduced edible medium in her clinical work with

adults living with mild intellectual disability. The unique edible art material became an effective medium of expression for this vulnerable population. Their edible art pieces became a voice to these special artists. 

She hopes to raise awareness on the effectiveness of edible art material and art therapy as a platform for more people to find their emotional voice, especially those living with disabilities which seem invisible but yet so real to those affected.


Li June loved art since she was a child. She had within her, many stories to tell. She finally found her voice through drawing and making. It took many years before she was brave to share her stories through her art and writing. Now she is an art therapist, privileged to journey with others as they too, seek their untold stories.

Li June lives artistically in an imaginary magic forest where she encounters intriguing characters and adventures.  She believes the expressive art process can help people find the door to their heart and soul, to discover their true potential.

Li June is a credentialed Art Psychotherapist with a background in forensic and organizational psychology. She is the founder of A Little Blue Studio and an Art Therapist at the Singapore Univerisity of Social Sciences.