Back in 2014 when Cupplets started, it provided a creative space for Ernest & Samantha to explore cake decorating through an unconventional lens, which led them to produce several painterly creations.


After 7 years, Samantha decided to pursue Art Therapy full time for two years to understand deeper how the process of creating has led the inner artist that she had never had the opportunity to discover to evolve. As she progress through the course and worked with the special needs population, she begin to take up the challenge to pick up a paint brush to express her emotions on murals and canvas, and to embrace herself as an artist. 

CUPPLETS CREATIVES continues to be a space that aims to bring people together through art.

CUPPLETS CREATIVES focuses on three Cs:

1. Collaborate for Impact - work with other artists, art therapists and advocates of holistic mental health, enabling collective impact in society

2. Cultivate Communities – develop social networks and nurture empowered communities through group interventions, including art projects that propagate community-based creative pursuits 

3. Celebrate Art Expression – raise awareness on the healing benefits of expressive art in enabling personal discovery and growth

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I believe we are all born to create. And through the creating, we can see part of ourselves in the art which gives us an insight about our true self that encompasses our emotions, dreams and hopes.There is nothing pretentious about just being and creating. That's the beauty of art.

My thoughts on Art Therapy

It takes curiosity and courage to approach therapy. The stigma that tags on it can be discouraging at times to those who truly needs it. 

I view therapy / creative expression as mental gymnasium where we grant ourselves that permission to simply have time to sit with ourselves and understand what's going on within our heart, mind & soul.  

A safe space draws no judgement to our struggles but to provide us an avenue to transform our pain into revelations of self discovery & creative potential.




Kindly email Samantha at sam@cuppletscreatives.com/