My Path,

my journey

In late 2018, I took on a full time course of two years to pursue Art Therapy. I wasn’t sure how the journey will peel out before me, but it felt right. Well, my optimism was short lived. I dived into the course thinking it will be all unicorns and roses. The program was rigorous, I dig and am still digging the deep hollow depths of my soul to understand my need for an emotional exploration of my life and need for healing journey. The temptation to escape and go back to just bake beautiful cakes kept barking at the back of my head, however, the thought of it didn’t satisfy my soul. Deep down, I knew I really wanted to do this.

Image by Yuichi Kageyama

Knowing myself all over again brought a new discovery to being authentic. Being authentic is not about “being a good person” but discovering and accepting both the Ying and Yang of yourself that is not diluted by social pressures and conformity. The shift and growth aren’t always sweet smelling. To transform, requires the mind to change- a change in perspective, value, beliefs.

Growth doesn’t mean that there will be no hurts anymore. but a meaningful transition that builds our realm of understanding, tolerance, compassion and tranquility, for the better for the collective world.

Reset inside out

I followed the pebbles and walked the path further…

I’ve spent over two years working with adults living with mild intellectual disabilities at Mamre Oaks. I stepped into an unknown zone and discovered a new passion. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with clients living with different genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome, Prada Willi Syndrome, Cornelia De Lange Syndrome and some with developmental disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. Later on I decided to work with caregivers

to help me understand better the burnouts and different forms of grief they are experiencing. 


Post-graduation, I continued to explore further with my fellow Art Therapist partner, June. Through Reaples, I worked with youths and corporate workshops when the pandemic hit in 2020, and later run a series of sessions for a group of students at APSN which had a prominent influence on me to continue my work today with special needs youth and adults.

In 2021, I've spent 8 months planning and organising a fund raising program — Let’s M.O.V.E to raise funds and build awareness for caregivers and child living with special needs. Through collaborations, talks and workshops, we encouraged families and members to move virtually with us for their own self care.

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Finding purpose in special needs

Boy Sitting on Grass

Just keep walking

My experience over the three years being part of the journey of this special population has been humbling, empowering and fruitful. And I will continue to walk where the path is lighted.